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An apprenticeship is a great way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce fit for the future.

In 2017, the government fundamentally changed skills development in the UK intending to upskill the UK workforce to ensure that our economy can compete on a global scale. The new apprenticeship standards cover many different occupational areas and go up to level 7 which is equivalent to a Masters Degree. Apprenticeships are now available to anyone who wishes to improve their skills and knowledge to progress their career, at any age.

Supporting an Apprentice in the workplace with training and development
With CIPS Apprenticeship Programmes, your apprentice will develop the key skills required to become a more effective member of your procurement and supply chain organisation. They will attend workshops and revision sessions delivered by one of our industry-experienced tutors at one of our six CIPS-approved study centres, or join our virtual classrooms which allow you to study anywhere you like. The apprentice will also be required to carry out work-based activities, where they will apply the knowledge they've learnt and implement it into the workplace.

Benefits to the employer
The structure of the learning, ensures that employees become fully qualified and competent procurement professionals who can deliver optimum supply chain solutions, taking into account lifecycle costing strategies, risk assessment and the development of relationships that will add value to the organisation. On the programme, we provide opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours outside of the standard which allows for greater understanding in areas that your organisation have prioritised. Examples of this can be AI in Procurement, Sustainable Procurement etc.

Benefits to the employee
On completion of the programme, individuals will achieve the CIPS Level 4 Diploma and will acquire all the skills and knowledge to demonstrate full occupational competence. Not only do you achieve the CIPS Diploma, you will also gain the Level 4 Standard in Procurement and Supply qualification. During the programme apprentices will experience different areas of procurement and supply chain which provide valuable experiences to developing knowledge, skills and behaviours in helping them become a rounded and fully competent procurement and supply professional.

During their time on programme they will have the opportunity to network, gain confidence professionally and develop soft skills which will gives many advantages to those who complete their apprenticeship.

CIPS Level 3 Apprenticeship Course

The CIPS Level 3- Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply is essential for both anyone in an administrative role or an operational role and look to develop their procurement and supply knowledge to help further their career.

CIPS Level 4 Apprenticeship Course

The CIPS Level 4- Diploma in Procurement and Supply is essential for both anyone in an operational role and those supervising the procurement and supply function who wish to develop their career.

Course Dates

Here you will find all our course dates for the different qualifications and study centres.

Six Study Centres to choose from

With six CIPS-approved study centres around England to choose from, there's bound to be a location that suits you.

The Procurement Academy made it easy to complete my studies and ensure that my performance at my job hasn't suffered, and has even improved though the use of real-world examples and application of knowledge.

Ben, CIPS Level 4

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