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CIPS Level 3- Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

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The CIPS Advanced Certificate course is our entry level qualification as there are no formal entry requirements. This is suitable for learners looking to specialise in procurement and supply and to progress onto the CIPS Level 4 Diploma course.

You will learn how to apply factual, procedural and theoretical knowledge of procurement and supply. You will be able to complete tasks and address problems that are well defined but may be complex and non-routine. You will understand what relevant information is required and how to interpret and review its effectiveness.

You are required to complete 30 credits to achieve this qualification. You will need to complete four CORE modules which make up 24 of the required credits.

L3M1 Procurement and Supply Environments
L3M2 Ethical Procurement and Supply
L3M3 Contract Administration
L3M4 Team Dynamics and Change

Elective Module:
L3M5 Socially Responsible Procurement

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