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About Us

At The Procurement Academy, we respond to the training and development needs of your Procurement and Supply Chain Organisation delivering excellent training from fully qualified and experienced Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches, both on or off site for all your team.

A short video showing what makes The Procurement Academy the perfect solution for anybody in Procurement. At The Procurement Academy, we have a passion for Procurement and we always provide true value for students and employers.

Our Approach

The Procurement Academy is not just a training provider; we focus on the complete spectrum of talent management to help you develop, engage and retain the talent in your Procurement and Supply Chain team.

What we are really about is working with your organisation to deliver comprehensive and tried and tested solutions to help you in the management of the talent within your organisation.

We deliver excellent training by thoroughly understanding the challenges and talent management issues that face Procurement & Supply Chain leaders today. We are forward thinking; constantly updating our knowledge to keep you and your team ahead of the game in your profession.

We offer bespoke solutions through:

  • Competency assessment of technical and soft skills
  • Personal development planning
  • Skills and qualification training delivery
  • Succession Planning
  • Team building and employee engagement days
  • Corporate and Executive Coaching (to develop those much sought after soft skills).

We can offer one or many options to support talent management in your organisation, tailored to your market or industry.

We are proud to be accredited by the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management and we are currently undergoing our audit to be approved by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply to deliver qualification training for level 2 & 3 Certificate and level 4 - 6 Diploma in Procurement & Supply.

Your Journey

In my many years' experience working on behalf of CIPS in large global procurement organisations, it is obvious that procurement as a profession is on a journey. This journey is the same in all organisations across all geographic regions, it is the case that some organisations are further along on the journey than others. At The Procurement Academy, we use our experience to build the level of capability in your procurement team to accelerate that journey to the strategic function your organisation needs.

Some of the companies we work with