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Building Soft Skills in Procurement

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Building Soft Skills in Procurement There is nothing soft about successfully building up a soft skill set within procurement. In soft skills, the word "soft" is used loosely. "Over the past three years the role that procurement plays has evolved and the result is an increased demand for procurement professionals with a more strategic outlook." (Law (July 2017) Six of the best procurement skills to have for the future :(http// It is important to give soft skills the attention they deserve - holding them in the same regard as the more traditional skills linked with procurement - usually the more technical solid skills. There is confusion about which skills fall under the blanket term soft skills to be clear soft skills are primarily…

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The real cost of replacing lost talent

Monday 3rd July 2017

In a recent Hays Survey, 51% of organisations faced challenges in finding the right staff over the last 12 months; 47% found recruiting challenges being a lack of sector skills and experience. Retaining talent is much easier and less costly than replacing talent, it is also less risky and time-consuming. If you even have a Procurement Department of around 20 people and you lose 10%, it will still cost you in the region of £8,000-£12,000 in recruitment agency fees to replace them. That is £12,000 out of a budget that probably doesn't actually exist, not to mention the time taken in: • Reviewing CVs. • 1st interviews, • 2nd interviews • …

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Strategy Deployment in the Supply Chain

Friday 16th June 2017

This is how you get your team to: Be aligned to the business; Start to create value for the customer Drive competitive advantage through supplier led innovation Tried & Tested. Strategy Deployment has been around in lean thinking organisations for a number of years as a way of getting employees aligned and delivering value for the business. However, what we are seeing today is the need for supplier resources to be engaged in this process in order enhance the alignment and capability of our Supply Chain and therefore be ahead of our competitors. So, how can I say this is tried and tested? Well because it is. In the past I have worked on numerous Strategy Deployment events in many organisations, they have driven change and improved…

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