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Two-minute guide to Category Management and its benefits

Two-minute guide to Category Management and its benefits

Wednesday 21st February 2018

What is Category Management?

In a nutshell Category Management is the consolidation of different agreements into a single streamline and efficient contract. The Category part is a grouping if items or services available from the same or a similar supplier base.
The Management side is to own these areas and ensure the business can monopolise on the best available savings.

The benefits to the business.

• Expected savings of between 10-30% upon delivery.
• Development capability across supply base, especially strategic suppliers.
• Shift from a reactive function to a proactive function.
• Improvements cross functionally in quality, cost savings, sales forecasts and service levels.
• Excellent reputation from customers i.e. on-time delivery.
• Reduces risk in the supply chain.
• High payback ratio.

The Procurement Academy offers a 2-day course in Category Management to bring any procurement professional up-to-speed. 

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