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IACCM Fundamentals of Contract & Commercial Management

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One of the challenges facing organisations today is the effective management of a contract when it is awarded. The handover process can be flawed with a 'let and forget' attitude from Procurement or the person appointed as Contract Manager is not experienced or trained in how to understand and interpret obligations under the contract, not to mention reviewing performance KPI's or negotiating through dispute and conflict.
The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management Fundamentals course is a two-day long course that will equip your Contract Managers with knowledge of the complete process from establishing a relationship through to managing disputes and contract amendments where required.

We offer this course as an open skills course and at the client site for larger groups of 6 or more.

Core Skills Gained

  • A clear and practical understanding of basic terms
  • How to use contracting knowledge in everyday situations
  • How to use negotiation techniques to get a better deal
  • How to spot risk items and how to deal with it
  • How contracts can help avoid later misunderstandings and disputes

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