Practical Negotiation (2 day)

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For up to 15 delegates.


Two days


To prepare students for effective participation in commercial negotiations. The course will focus on both the management of the process of negotiation, exploring good practice planning and preparation, and through practical exercises and role-plays will give experience and feedback on the execution of those plans in the negotiation meeting. The key skills of persuasion and influence and use of tactics and ploys will be explored, with individuals reflecting on their own styles and approaches and developing an action plan for future negotiation situations.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the delegates shall be able to:

  • Identify and explain the information required for the effective preparation of a commercial negotiation
  • Determine a set of 'rich' targets and objectives for their negotiations
  • Understand how to structure a negotiation meeting
  • Structure negotiations to suit their stated aims and strategies
  • Describe and recognise the use of different persuasion styles
  • Deploy key negotiation behaviors in a negotiation situation
  • Have an in-depth understanding of their personal negotiating style and its strengths and weaknesses
  • Be able to interpret some basic body language signals